The Whip

The Whip is a full-scale implementation service, setting up the systems and processes outlined in the Assessment and putting them to work in your business!

Working with your team, or implementing on your behalf, we’ll take your business from “hot mess” to OH YES in as little as 2 months.

How much of a beating does your business need?

Answer: we figure that out in the Assessment first.

Then we get to the fun part—whipping your business into shape!

Choose which whip is right for you and your team:


Duration: 5 months
Investment: begins at $3,000 USD per month

Whip your business into shape yourself! (With experienced supervision of course!)

Together, we’ll take your timeline and action list from the Assessment and make it happen.  

Integrating with your team, we sit in on meetings, set up regular check-ins, and supervise your team as they create the systems you all need to have Orgasmic Operations™.

You’ll also get direction on how to change and modify systems as we go. Cuz sometimes they’ll look good on paper, but pinch once you start using them! (And not in the sexy-pinch way!)  

This is a more collaborative process as we build your backend together. It’s perfect for smaller teams, or handing over to a trusted employee to do most of the implementation.


Duration: 2 months
Investment: begins at $15,000* USD

Let us do all the work and give your business backend the beating it deserves!

Hand your business backend over to us and we’ll take care of everything

We still integrate with your team (because we’re building systems they’ll use) but we’ll take care of all of the implementation, heavy lifting, and the no-so fun bits that are more of a drag.

We still tweak and modify, but you don’t have to worry about handing things over to a V.A., if Stacey is getting her portion done on time, or even what happens if it breaks. 

We’re inside your systems and will take care of everything! (Think of us as your human lubricant.)

This is a more intense process, perfect for larger companies with bigger teams. If you’ve got mission-critical projects or lack the bandwidth on your team to take this on, this is the package for you. 

*for teams that are more than 5 people (excluding you, the CEO), we’ll create a custom proposal for you!

After we’ve completed your Assessment, we can discuss which Whip is right for you, your business, and your team.

Get started by booking your Assessment now!

No Whipping is complete without…


Each Whip package includes a post-engagement Assessment and one complimentary Aftercare call 30 days after we wrap up to make sure that your systems are still humming along, orgasm-smooth. 

We’ll go over what got done, what’s next on your priority list, and where your team needs to focus to make sure you stay in your genius zone. Doing CEO level work you actually enjoy, not micromanaging your team, burning out, and ready to burn it all to the ground. 

That operations nightmare will become a wet-dream of doing what you’re good at, doing the work only you can do, and knowing that your business won’t implode if you take a day off. And it’ll stay that way.



  • Initial Assessment
  • Collaborative implementation
  • Team supervision
  • Regular meetings with your team
  • System tweaks and fixes
  • One Aftercare call

Monthly payments starting at $3,000 USD



  • Initial Assessment
  • Full implementation by the Business Laid Bare team – you just sit back and relax!
  • Regular meetings with your team
  • System tweaks and fixes
  • One Aftercare call

Investment starting at $15,000* USD

*for teams that are more than 5 people (excluding you, the CEO), we’ll create a custom proposal for you!

After Veronica implemented systems and strategies for me to hire and delegate, I immediately hired 3 people and increased my revenue by 40% in two weeks.

Sabrina Torres

Social Media Marketer, Be Truly Social

The day-to-day drudge becomes orgasmic when your systems are designed for you.

Because once they’re setup, you’ll be able to…

  • Hand tasks off to your team, knowing they’ll be done to your standards
  • Find, hire, and keep good people — and onboard them with ease!
  • Get your team to take more initiative and communicate with each other (because they now know what to work on and what’s coming down the line)
  • Track what’s been done, see what hasn’t, and know exactly who’s responsible for what
  • And maybe even take a vacation! 

And when your systems are custom-designed for the business you want to run and your unique strengths — not just the same old boring vanilla systems some “guru” told you your business needed — they’ll feel so good to use it’s easy to say up to date and on track!

Leave a mark—in all the right places.

The Whip will help you shape your business into what you want it to be and get it working the way you wish it would.

So you can do the work only you can do, and your company can start leaving more of a mark on your industry (or the world).

Crack The Whip & Clean Up Your Business Backend

Not sure it’s the right…fit?

(That’s what she said…)

Let’s hop on a 30-minute connection call and see if we’re the right team to whip your business into shape.