The Assessment

Where does it hurt (in ways you didn’t consent to)?

Business isn’t supposed to hurt …unless you want it to! 😉

Breakthrough months have a way of…well, breaking things. Systems that work at one level of business just don’t work for the next. To conquer this next level with ease, you need to know what’s broken, why, and what you need to build instead.

But since that’s not happening…you need a plan.

 I came to Business Laid Bare knowing that I was the bottleneck in my business, but I wasn’t exactly sure why. I knew I needed better automations and operations but I didn’t know my pain points because I was so close to my business. Going through the Assessment gave me a clear path and action plan with tangible steps so I could better understand how Business Laid Bare could help me implement better operations.

Kaila Piepkow

Founder + Creative Director, Dox Design

Go from hot mess to OH YES!

The Assessment is where we get up close and personal (reaaaaal personal) with your business, figure out what systems and strategies you need to have the business of your dreams, and set out a plan to make it happen — in a way that feels good for you!

We dive deep into your business back end, figure out what’s chafing and how to soothe the burn. Then, we map it all out so you know EXACTLY what to do to unchain yourself from your desk and start running your business your way. (And maybe even take a vacation!)

How it Works:


Tell us what’s going on in your business and where it hurts right now so we can start envisioning a cure.


Give us access to all the apps and programs you use so we can see what’s going on behind the scenes.


We’ll work our magic, diving deep into every crevice, and figuring out where we need lube the most!


We’ll walk you through all of our my findings, including where the stickiest challenges are, what you can do to fix them, what to focus on first, and how long it should all take. 

Want a walkthrough of the Assessment Day?

Watch the video below!

In Just 1 Day You’ll Walk Away With:

  • A Personalized Systems Assessment to create operations that feel orgasmic for you and the rest of your team, including process and system recommendations. 
  • A Projected Implementation Timeline that you can have us or your team implement for you.
  • A Prioritized Action List showing you everything you need to do to turn your operations from a nightmare into a wet-dream, in the order you need to do them.

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$1950.00 USD

The Assessment is perfect for you if:

  • You’ve experienced exponential growth or a sudden surge in demand and things keep falling through the cracks because your systems can’t handle the demand
  • You’ve tried systems before and they haven’t really fit your team, their process, or the work you do (because they weren’t really built for your business)
  • You know you could be more organized and things could run smoother…but you have no idea how 
  • You want a clear path forward that will let you do the important work you need to get done and step away from your desk every so often.

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I went from a $2,000 month in February with a team of two to a $16,000 month with a team of six by the end of the year. And now we’re a team of 8 that hits $30,000 months with ease.

Rebecca Graves

Production Potter, Gravesco Pottery









$1950 USD

Stop Spinning Your Wheels

What if you knew exactly how to fix what’s going wrong in your business?

What if you knew exactly how to get your team to start talking to each other?

What if you knew exactly which systems to set up so you could get back to doing what only you can do as the CEO?

The Assessment gives you ALL that in just one day.


Start building your Orgasmic Operations™ in just one Day