The Aftercare

Continuous Consulting To Make Sure Your Orgasmic Operations Stay Orgasmic

Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma’am, Next! NO!

Systems and processes are not a one-and-done thing. They grow and evolve with you as your business grows and evolves.

And the best systems adapt as YOUR needs change, so that your work stays easy. 

Unfortunately, that process isn’t always…smooth. As you grow, your systems will break. It’s natural. It’s a good thing! It means you’ve grown! Yay!

But it still hurts and pulls you out of your genius zone and back into the day-to-day operations…(even if it’s a LOT smoother now than it was before)

Get The Aftercare You Need To Keep Your Systems Well Lubricated And Feeling Divine

When a system breaks, there’s only one way to get back on track to orgasmic operations: fix it!

Or build one that works better. Because breaking systems usually means you’ve outgrown them and need something new.

BUT! If you regularly check in on your systems…you can avoid all that pain and tweak your systems so they keep working—before they break!

The Day-To-Day Drudge Becomes Orgasmic When Your Systems Are Designed For You

Fix Your Systems Before They Break (Again) And Stop Yucking Your Business Yum

Every month I’ll pop back in to your business, see how your systems are working, what needs tweaking, and where we need to apply more lube to keep things flowing smoothly! 

We’ll hop on a call, assess what’s not working, and make whatever changes we need to keep things running orgasm-smooth.

The Investment:

$1000.00 USD/mo (6-month commitment)

In addition to the weekly calls we’ll have together, you’ll get access to The Playbook: our constantly growing library of videos, trainings, best practices, templates, swipe files, and more.

Not Sure it’s The Right…Fit?

(That’s what she said…)

Let’s hop on a 30-minute connection call and see if I’m the right person to whip your business into shape.