“I just love playing in the ops world and making things run smoothly so that we can dedicate our energy towards putting out ideas into the world while experiencing the feelings of joy, freedom, and ease.”

— Veronica Yanhs

We help creatives create and implement business operations that feel amazing, period.

We absolutely love doing what we do, because operations touch upon our core values just right.

We’d be so remiss if we didn’t talk about WHY we love what we do. It’s pretty simple: implementing strategic business operations that feel damn amazing allows us to experience freedom, joy, ease, and love in all areas of our lives (business AND non-business). It’s what we totally love helping our creative clients experience, too.

FREEDOM — Showing up exactly as the creatives that we are, running business OUR way, living life according to OUR rules, and never feeling like we have to settle because we “should” be doing things a certain way makes our hearts sing. There’s nothing as wonderful as being able to take a spontaneous weekend off for a getaway, staycation, or taking care of a loved one without worry.

JOY — We’re totally jazzed that how we show up in this world is enough, that we’re enough. The peace and acceptance that comes from this allows us to live our lives and shine our lights that much brighter.

EASE — Ease doesn’t mean easy by any means! When there is ease, it’s a huge sign to us that the decisions we’re making and the actions we’re taking are in alignment with who we are mind, body, and heart. It’s about taking inspired action we’re meant to take.

LOVE — By operating from an elevated mindset, we can do things that we love with seemingly endless energy (that we often have no idea where it comes from).

Being laid bare is about stripping away the shit and expectations you and your business don’t need, so that you and you business can thrive as exactly you.


We get it; operations can sound scary, boring, and complicated. However, we design and implement biz ops that completely align with your business philosophy, brand, and culture. If the “Big O” in your business doesn’t feel damn amazing to you, nor get you excited, we’ve still got work to do. Every body and every business is different. We believe cookie cutters should be left in the kitchen.

Veronica Yanhs

Veronica eats, sleeps, and breathes operations, but from a creative standpoint. She swears it’s how she’s just wired to think. Her passion is helping creatives pursue their passions with sustainable profits because she believes that the world runs on creative energy and freedom.

It’s no secret; she knows the formula to creating a winning and successful business begins at the core: your operations and your ability to take inspired action from the freedom having amazing operations gives you. Just ask Apple,  Nike, or even her solo ceramics potter what a rendezvous with her is like.

Kathy Campbell

A mother to a brilliant daughter, and a wife to a wonderful man who had a stroke in 2010, Kathy knows the importance of getting shit done. With more than 6 years experience helping people and businesses to grow and expand and become more productive, she absolutely loves to help people, however they need it.