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Safeword Out Of Your Business Mess!

Because being chained to your desk—against your will—is no one’s idea of a good time.

Hey! I’m Veronica!

I help bold businesses work out the “kinks” in their operations, solving organizational and behind-the-scenes problems so that CEOs can be CEOs, and do CEO level work. 

I believe in putting people first — that means building processes that feel so good to use, your team will start leaning on processes and each other, not on you. 

Leaving you free to do the work only YOU can do, instead of answering customer service emails and being tied to your office (in the non-sexy way). 

Communication is Everything

In kink and in business.

You might think you’re communicating clearly

…telling your people what to do and wondering why they’re not getting it done…or why they just keep getting it wrong

But without systems and processes in place that clearly lay out expectations, standards, and how to do things…it’s nearly impossible for your people to know what to do!

(Just like that time I told someone my safeword started with M…as in Mancy…)

And it leads to problems like…

  • Not being able to trust your team because they don’t take initiative
  • Not being able to hand simple tasks over to other people because they don’t do them right
  • Not being able to shut off and take a break from work — even on weekends or holidays
  • Not being able to work on the big-picture, biz-building blocks only you can do because it’s your business and your vision

It’s exhausting. And worse than a bad scene with no aftercare! (*shudder*)

My point is: You never consented to this. 

So let’s fix it.

You Don’t Have To Burn It All To The Ground!

(Unless You’re Really Into Fire)

People-focused processes that clearly communicate your expectations and standards can help turn your business around.

Train Your Team To Work Without You

Improve team communication structures so they stop running to you and start working amongst themselves — permanently.

Turn your Operations Nightmare into a Wet Dream

Set up systems and processes that feel so good to use, your daily ops are practically orgasmic.

Get Back To doing What Turns You On

As the Founder/CEO, you know your strengths! Now start spending most of your day doing what you’re good at!

It all starts with the Business Backend Assessment.

After Veronica implemented systems and strategies for me to hire and delegate, I immediately hired 3 people and increased my revenue by 40% in two weeks.

Sabrina Torres

Social Media Marketer, Be Truly Social

$20,000 months now feel easy; Veronica created the spaciousness I needed to work with more clients and focus on marketing without feeling overwhelmed.

Courtney Tarrant

Facebook Ads Expert, Courtney Tarrant Media

Veronica’s systems resulted in a 88% revenue increase and now I have more time and energy to put into what I do best: creating.

Carrie Carbol-Ritcey

Metalsmith, Two Carrots Studio