We help creators make money doing what they love with process and project management roadmaps that work.

We help creatives make money doing what they love with process and project management roadmaps that work.

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We’re here to give creators the freedom to do what they love doing most: creating and making!

(How? Through business operations, process, and project management strategies that not only work, but feel DAMN AMAZING)


If you’re a potter, social media consultant, sex educator, podcaster, baker, or business strategist (the list goes on!) who brings to life ideas that transforms lives, you’re a creator.

You’re creating stuff that transforms and brings joy to the lives you’re meant to touch. And we soooooo need more of you. We also know that you’re determined to turn your creative passion into a profitable business that you can depend on, so you can continue doing the things you love (now, that’s freedom).

We also know that it means you’re also juggling the many things that can take time away from you in your creative zone of genius. Which is where we come in. As creators and creatives ourselves, we’re passionate about helping you implement processes and systems into your business that align with not only how you work best, but in ways that you’ll be excited to use.

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Nice to meet’cha!

We’re the duo behind Business Laid Bare, and we are absolutely in love with how we serve creative visionaries, like you. In short? We love what we do because process and project management allows you to experience the joy of freedom and operating from a standpoint of ease.

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