I’m writing this blog post to you butt naked. Bare with me for a moment (see what I did there?).

As entrepreneurs in the online space, you’re like a person in a sex toy shop. Your inner squirrel is going nuts. You see many successful entrepreneurs sharing their mind-blowing results about how they’re making six, seven, or more figures in their businesses. You get super excited and turned on, and start buying their products so that you can live the rich and pleasurable life, too. Who doesn’t want an e-course on sales funnels, branding, webinars, copywriting, and what have you? They’re what made those entrepreneurs the big bucks, so it should with you, too, right?

Not so much.

I’ve been around the block—I like all things sex, okay?—what those successful entrepreneurs don’t tell you about is that beneath the name brand clothing their businesses are wearing are the undergarments that are holding their biz tits up.

Those undergarments are the organization and systems your business needs to make a shit ton of money.

What is a system, you ask? A system is an organized and repeatable action plan designed to achieve a specific result. Let’s take orgasms, for example: say that the most pleasurable and sure-fire way you achieve orgasm is by:
1.    holding your vibrator to the left side of your clitoris
2.    wearing one sock on your right foot
3.    having Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” blasting in the background

That right there, is your system to achieving a great orgasm. It’s a repeatable and organized action plan that achieves a specific result.

Okay, so what? Say you met someone, and now, instead of having to orgasm on your own, your partner wants to get you off and asks you how. What do you do? You tell them exactly what it takes to get you off with excruciating detail. They’re not mind readers, and if you don’t tell them what you need, you’ll both end up getting super frustrated and with no orgasm to boot.

However, if you told your partner exactly what needs to happen, you can now lay back and enjoy, as they start blasting Marvin Gaye, putting that sock on your right foot, and go to town with the vibrator exactly where you love it. #delegationFTW

Now look at your business. If you don’t start thinking about systems in your business, you’ll always be behind; you’ll always be frustrated; you’ll always be stressed; you’ll always be doing things that could have been delegated to someone else; you’ll always be exhausted; you’ll always be dropping balls; you’ll always be miserable; you’ll always miss out on opportunities to make more money.

So, back to your undergarments. If you don’t wear your underwear and bra over your clothes on the daily, why do you want to subject your business to the same thing? Why the fuck are you looking at branding, sales funnels, and webinars when you don’t even have your assets covered? Can we say hot mess?

How do you stop your business from looking like a hot mess? Strip naked and start with these highly actionable steps, of course:

  1. Write a list of things you do for your business all the time (client invoicing, scheduling your social media posts, sending out newsletters, making landing pages, etc.)
  2. Start creating a checklist of how you accomplish each task. You can also record yourself and your screen doing the actual task, too. There are LOTS of ways to start systematizing.
  3. Upload the documents and videos to a place that you and your team have easy access to. You can use Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, or whatever else you use. I personally use SweetProcess.

So, that’s it! The key to making shit tons of money no one is really talking about is the importance of having systems in your business. And, it just so happens, that I’m about to launch my new business, Business Laid Bare, where I will give you the honest, foundational, no bullshit tools and systems your business needs to blow up and make a shit ton of money.