I looooove popping cherries in my business (aka doing “things” for the first time). Like the day I sent out my first ever email newsletter. Or, the day I got my first paying client. I remember the day I was a guest on my first ever podcast episode. The list goes on and on. And, I’m sure you’re nodding along remembering your various firsts in your business.

They were all scary and had you freaking out at first, but now as you look back on it, you’re like, “That’s it? Why did I spend so much time freaking out over nothing?”

If you’re reading this post, you’ve most likely started an online business that offers (or plans to offer) services and/or digital/info-products. And, you most likely fall in two categories:

  • You’re a brand new business owner and you’re excited to get you and your offerings out there running and making money, OR
  • You’ve been running your business for a while, at least 6 months to a year, and you’re looking to up your business game to make even more money

Whether you’re new or established, and desire to make more money in your business, you need to start making love to this: systems. That’s right, it’s time to pop your systems cherry the right way.




No, unless making money to fuel freedom into your life turns you off, then yes.

The word system(s) is here to stay, even if you’re this oh-so-modern-online-only-completely-right-brained-creative entrepreneur in the 21st century. You don’t do business in your tiny bubble if you want to be successful. You’ll want to outsource, delegate, and hire.  


You’re not a true entrepreneur unless you have systems.


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When you hear the word system(s), does it remind you of your days in corporate or back to those awful years of high school math? Or, do you hear that word and think, “WTF is even a system? Just hearing that word kills my creative vibe.” Suck it up, toots, you’ve got it wrong.

You’re getting too caught up with the word itself, the associations you have with it, and how it’s affected your life prior to reading this blog post (corporate cubicles, terrible math classes, etc.). And, I bet you a million dollars you use systems in your life and business all the time. Because, at its core, the definition of a system is a repeatable plan that helps you achieve a specific result.

“Then isn’t a system just another word for routine?”


BING-FUCKING-GO! I could care less what you call it: systems, routine, guidebook, rules, a fuckbuckle…I use the word system because I love it and it sounds like “sexting”.  So, being systematic in your business isn’t about getting caught up in the word, but the mindset in creating repeatable action plans that you and your people can follow, so that your business becomes a well-lubed and money-making machine.


Ready to pop your business systems cherry Business Laid Bare style*?

  1. Woo: yep, I’m about to get my woo on with you. You have to start changing your mindset from self-employed to entrepreneur by embracing that creating structure AND order according to YOUR rules, can give you that creative freedom to play and the inspiration and spontaneity you love. Who says systematizing your business has to be boring? You are the boss and CEO afterall, so do what gets you excited and all turned on. Being systematic is totally about mindset. You only have so much time in the day, so why not start becoming hyper aware of things that keep you from doing what you love and do best, even if you have to dedicate time to it? At least with systems, you’ll dedicate MUCH LESS or even NO TIME (if you outsource).
  2. You: let’s be real, EVERYTHING in your business can (and should be) systematized. If you think of it like that, you’d likely be more overwhelmed than anything. So, start here: make a list of all the “things” you do in your business that are repetitive. It can be as small as scheduling your social media posts to something giant as onboarding and signing on a client. Even if the repetitive “thing” can be done in 3 steps, you still want to systematize it. Why? Because you don’t want to be the bottleneck. You want to vacation and take days off, right? Let your business run smoothly even while you’re out playing and enjoying life.
  3. Do: the EASIEST way you can start to systematize your chosen “thing” is to create a checklist of all the steps it takes to accomplish it. Remember, a system is a repeatable plan that helps you achieve a specific result. The next time you go do your “thing”, open up a blank document or grab a pen and paper. And, as you do each step (be really specific!), write the step down. That way, you won’t miss anything. Or, in many cases, you might find a faster and more efficient way of doing it! Remember, make it fun; make it YOU; make it fit your business personality. Systems are only boring if you let it be.

* honest, no bullshit, highly actionable, and clothing optional #duh


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